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Coaching and Scheduling

Welcome to the Coaching and Scheduling page. If you have already purchased your coaching session, you can directly proceed to schedule your coaching sessions. Alternatively you can purchase your coaching plans from below.

Coaching Plans

Build your marketing strategy with confidence, through our 1-1 marketing coaching sessions with seasoned marketing leaders and experts. Choose from a single 1-1 Coaching session or the 1-1 Coaching Bundle for eight sessions and additional benefits.

  • 1:1 Coaching by the hour

    1 hour 1:1 marketing consultation
    • Price per session - $250
    • Personalized coaching for course content
    • 1:1 sessions with a marketing expert
  • Best Value

    1:1 Coaching bundle

    8 x 1 hour 1:1 marketing consultation bundle
    • Price per session - $200 ($1,600 is the total upfront fee)
    • 1:1 One hour sessions with a marketing expert
    • 6 x Coaching session, one for each module
    • 2 Extra mentoring sessions for a marketing plan review
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