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Prosh IQ Is Launching Soon...

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Why Prosh IQ?

Creating a marketing plan can be a stressful task - but with Prosh IQ, it doesn’t have to be. Prosh IQ is the ultimate DIY marketing plan course for entrepreneurs.


Marketing Fundamentals

The Prosh IQ course is beginner-friendly, requiring no prior marketing experience to be completed. You will learn the fundamental marketing concepts needed to build and implement an effective marketing plan. 


Hands-On Practical Exercises

Prosh IQ provides you with practical, hands-on exercises that correspond to the content of each module. Put what you have learned to the test and develop marketing materials for your business at the same time!


1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

1-on-1 coaching sessions with Prosh IQ mentors (seasoned marketing professionals) are available as needed. With Prosh IQ Pro, 6 sessions are included as well as a final review of your marketing plan by Prosh Marketing.

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